Name Change Process for Newlyweds

Now that you’re married you may be wondering, “How do I officially change my name?”

One of the most exciting things for newlyweds can be sharing a name, but just being married doesn’t automatically change one’s name. After marriage, you have a choice of how you will change your name, or if you will even change your name at all. Once you make a decision, you will need to go through a process to make your new name official.

This process is the same for brides and partners. You can get a custom, county-specific Name Change Kit that walks you through the process. The Name Change Kit lets you enter your personal information through a secure website, and provides you with prefilled forms that you can print and send to the addresses that we provide based on your state and county. We also give you the hours of operation for these offices, if you would rather take your paperwork in person.

What you need before you start:

Original Marriage Certificate - You will need to make several photocopies of your state marriage license, depending on how many records need to be changed.

#10 Envelopes and First Class Postage - You will need several stamped #10 envelopes, depending on how many records you need to change.

Certified Copies - Some government agencies will accept a certified copy of your marriage certificate, instead of the original. Having at least one Certified Copy of your marriage record can greatly expedite your name change process. Besides, it is always good to have an extra copy. You can obtain a Certified Copy of your Original Marriage Record by contacting your local county clerk or registrar (depending on your state).

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