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Find answers to common questions about changing your name.

How do I change my name after a marriage?

Once you have obtained your marriage certificate, follow our instructions for a name change for brides, grooms, or partners.

What are the options for changing my name?

You (bride, groom, or partner) may choose to take the last name of your spouse, hyphenate your last names, or have 2 last names. Both the bride and groom, or both partners, may continue to use the middle name that they were given at birth, or one of them may use their maiden name as their new middle name (only in select states). The bride and groom must continue to use the first names given them at birth, unless that name has been legally changed by petitioning for a name change. is designed to allow you to change your name to what a state allows. The options provided are not available for name change after marriage in every state. All other changes must follow the particular State's legal name change process.

You may also choose not to change your name. The decision whether or not to change your name after marriage is entirely up to you.

When should I begin my name change process?

Begin changing your name immediately after your marriage or honeymoon. You must have your original certificate of marriage or a certified copy of the original in order to successfully complete the name change process.

If you are planning to travel on your honeymoon, we highly recommend that you make travel arrangements and reservations in your maiden name. Your tickets and reservations should match the name on your passport and photo ID, and most newlyweds do not begin the process of getting these documents until after the honeymoon. If you do choose to make travel arrangements using your married name, you will need to bring a photocopy or certified copy of your original marriage certificate.

How does the Name Change Kit work?

You can complete your name change kit in just a few easy steps. Learn more about our Name Change Kit.

How much does the Name Change Kit cost?

The cost of a Name Change Kit is $40.

How long will it take to get my Name Change Kit?

When you complete your Name Change Kit information on, you will instantly receive an email that includes the instructions and prefilled forms for changing your name.

After you sign, print, and mail your forms, processing times for each agency may vary. Once you receive your new identification documents in the mail, your name has been officially changed!

Can a man change his name after marriage?

Yes, although in most states he will have to go through the legal name change process. For same sex marriages, men are usually allowed to change their name through the regular name change process for newlyweds.

Can I use the Name Change Kit if I am in a non-traditional marriage?

Yes, as long as you have a marriage certificate, and the state you live in recognizes your union, you can use our Name Change Kit.

Can I change my first name after a marriage?

No, to change your first name you need to get a court order through the legal name change process.

Do I have to change my name after a marriage?

No, changing your name is totally up to you.

Can I change my name without getting married?

Our Name Change Kit is designed for those who meet the legal requirements for a name change through marriage. Your marriage certificate makes you eligible for a name change.

If you have been divorced or have petitioned for a name change order, you are also eligible for a name change. Check out our resources for name change after divorce and legal name change.

How much time will the purchase of this kit save me?

This varies from state to state and differs between individuals. Assuming you don’t have very much free time to be driving around figuring out this process, the time saved is priceless.

Is my personal information secure?

Yes, uses a secure socket layer, which is the same security level financial institutions use on their websites.

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